Interactive Reporting and Analytics for Any Project

Real-Time Business Intelligence

Simple Integration - Flexible by Design

Multidimensional, User Driven Reporting

Custom Services : Full-Stack Development

Reporting and Analytics As A Service

Eliminating Resource Constraints

Generate real-time interactive views of any live data source

Use the infoRove Platform to deliver multidimensional reporting and analytics directly from your 'flat' (normalized) data. No ETL process. No data warehouse. No hassles.


Analytics as a Service (AaaS)

The infoRove platform is a business analytics and business intelligence service that lives in the cloud. Connect directly to your data, or provision a hosted instance - infoRove is flexible by design.


Cloud ~ Hosted ~ On-site

All of our solutions provide secure, real-time views of your data. Leverage infoRove to deliver simple reporting services, interactive business intelligence applications, or a powerful ad-hoc analytics tool.


Custom Software Development

Leverage infoRove's software and product development resources on your next project. We provide full-stack expertise - from database design all the way out to the latest web and mobile front-ends.

Reporting and Analytics As A Service

infoRove is a great platform and technology provider for independent development shops, consultants, and project teams looking to quickly meet and exceed their reporting requirements.

Product & Platform Development

Simple Integration

Provision infoRove with just a single, read-only database connection.

The infoRove Cloud

Secure. Dependable. Infinitely Scalable.

Real-Time Business Intelligence

Give your users an intuitive reporting and analytics tool that always provides real-time information.


Fully encrypted content delivery combined with row and cell-level data access control.

Multi-Dimensional Reporting

Slice, drill, pivot, segment and rotate tables and graphs with a click.

Custom Development

Custom full-stack software development: database, services, APIs, front-ends, mobile

Eliminating Resource Constraints

Enterprise reporting and business intelligence solutions are traditionally very resource intensive.

They typically involve significant upfront investments in software and consulting services, the creation of a data warehouse, and ongoing maintenance costs in the form of expensive IT resources. These traditional implementations are time($) and technology($) intensive exercises that are prohibitively expensive for all but the largest and most technically sophisticated organizations.

Reporting and Analytics

InfoRove's flexible platform and hosting model provides data analytics and reporting as a 'service' to a broad customer base, including businesses and organizations that lack the IT resources and infrastructure typically associated with these systems.

By eliminating the need for internal technical resources, InfoRove makes it possible to deliver sophisticated data analysis and reporting capabilities to organizations of all sizes.

Custom Software Development

A full-service development shop - from strategy and design through architecture and implementation.

Leverage infoRove's software and product development resources on your next project. We provide deep and broad full-stack software development expertise - from database design, through Service API and integration layers, all the way out to the latest web and mobile front-ends.

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